Who are we?

We are a fellowship of Christians of different denominations who join together to proclaim the Christian Gospel.

We organise united services of evening worship, a Christmas Day Lunch for people who would otherwise be alone, a Discover Christmas event for families, special services during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a summer holiday club and the Good Friday Procession of Witness. We aim to encourage unity within the Christian Church.


You can see information about our churches on the Churches page.

Monthly prayer meetings

Join us at 8.30am on the 1st Saturday of each month as we pray for the Churches and Community of Potters Bar. Meetings last for approximately 45 minutes.  Each meeting is led by somebody from a different church sharing their style of worship.

In order to make the meetings as accessible as possible during the COVID-19 lockdown you can participate in the meeting at home via Zoom.  Once government regulations permit meeting will take place in person at the church as well.

To obtain the joining information for Zoom please contact Philip, our secretary, at ctipbsecretary@gmail.com 

Holiday Club 2021
Monday 2nd to Friday 6th August

Find out more at our Holiday Club website https://www.pottersbarchurchesholidayclub.co.uk/